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How to Download Subtitles from Online Video

VideoHunter supports downloading subtitles from platforms like YouTube, TED, CNN, and VLIVE. Therefore, for people who want a translated subtitle of the online video, VideoHunter can help to grasp it and convert to a SRT document.

Install VideoHunter

But pay attention that not all subtitles can be downloaded via VideoHunter. VideoHunter can only detect the subtitle scripts that are being uploaded in extra files. In other words, embedded captions added inside the videos can not be downloaded separately.

For online videos which are equipped with extra translated scripts, you can follow this simple tutorial to download subtitles in SRT files.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the online video which contains a translated script from YouTube, TED, CNN, or VLIVE platform.

Step 2. Open VideoHunter and paste the URL of the video to the download bar in its video downloader. Remember to click on the "Analyze" button after pasting the URL.


Step 3. When VideoHunter completes the analysis, it will provide the subtitle downloading options in "Download Subtitle" module. Select the language you need, and then click on the "Download" button. Then the translated subtitle of the video will be downloaded in a SRT file separately.

Download Subtitles
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