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Why VideoHunter installation fails?

Updated on November 17, 2021

Both Windows and Mac users can directly download VideoHunter's installation package from the official website. After getting it, launch the installer and follow the instruction to install VideoHunter program. Within a short period and very few simple clicks, the program can be installed successfully.

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In most cases, the installation can be processed successfully. But according to some users, they may encounter with some unexpected installation failure. Here is a solution you can try when VideoHunter fails to be downloaded on your desktop.

Solution: Check Windows Installer and Enable It

On Windows 10, go to Start > Search and type "Services.msc", then click on the enter key. After that, select "Services Desktop app".
On Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, click the Search box and then type "Services.msc".
Check whether the Startup Type box across from Windows Installer is set to "Disabled". If yes, please change it to Manual and then try to download VideoHunter again to see if this problem is fixed.

If you still cannot install VideoHunter on your desktop, reach out VideoHunter support team and describe your issue (better with a screenshot), then our technical team will assist you to solve the problem.

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