[Resolved] Fix YouTube App Randomly Pauses Itself on iPhone/Android

As one of Google's subsidiaries, YouTube gains increasing influential power among teenagers and adults, especially those in America and Canada. On YouTube, users are allowed to upload, view, and share playlists and videos which can be used as a medium to communicate and interact among users. Besides, YouTube audiences have their rights to comment on others' contents and rate one as their favourite. Available contents are divided into different categories such as music, cartoon, live video clips, gaming, and movie trailers.

Apart from being a social networking platform, YouTube can benefit businesses because companies can open their own channels on YouTube where they can upload updated information about their products or services, showing their daily events to help people know more about themselves. Besides, high-quality creators can earn advertising revenue which helps support people's living. However, there will be some bugs even if an application is popular. Recently, YouTube users report that YouTube app would pause itself while streaming videos. Now, let's check what the reasons may be and some quick and efficient ways to solve it.


Part 1. Possible Reasons for Why YouTube App Pauses Itself

According to some YouTube users, videos will automatically pause itself during play. After resuming play, the audio quality will become terrible and the videos will pause again soon. Besides, users state that the problem has nothing to do with the Internet and the location of Internet connection because they have confronted this problem for several months. They complain that this is really an annoying problem. So, what are the reasons?

Reason 1. Poor Network

If you meet the problem of YouTube app pauses itself for the first time, you may just connect to a poor network. A good network is very significant for people to surf online because a good network guarantees a quick speed to load the videos online and enjoy higher definition. Therefore, a good network will save your time, improve your life efficiency, and provide you higher quality YouTube video streaming experience.

Reason 2. Not Enough Storage on Phones

If the problem of YouTube app pauses itself happens for many times, you may consider that you don't enough storage on your phone. As we know, too many storage and cache on the computer may cause negative impact on the computer's running speed even though your Internet connection is normal. Therefore, if your phone can't respond at a high speed, you need to be cautious that its function of loading a video online may also be influenced. 

Reason 3. Outdated Version of YouTube App or Your Phone's Operating System

Another potential cause for YouTube app pauses itself is that you didn't upgrade the YouTube app on your phone or your phone's operating system isn't the latest one, which result in the fact that the YouTube app isn’t compatible with your phone's operating system, so there are errors and bugs. Consequently, regular update of both the app and phone system enables your to enjoy the latest functions of YouTube app with good quality.

Part 2. Simple Ways to Fix YouTube App Randomly Pauses on iPhone/Android

After analyzing some possible reasons of the problem of YouTube app pauses itself, this blog would like to help you solve the problem by raising six simple, reliable, and efficient ways to fix the problem. Now let's move on to see!

Way 1. Switch to A Quicker Wi-Fi or Restart Your Mobile Network

As mentioned, a network can determine whether a phone runs at a high speed and functions as you want. Therefore, if you face the problem of YouTube app randomly pauses, you may try switching a quicker Wi-Fi, or rebooting your cellular data to enable your mobile network to work again. In this way, you may successfully solve the problem that YouTube app randomly pauses itself.

STEP 1. You should download an assisted app, Documents, from App Store first. When you search for the app in the store, click the download icon to install the app immediately.
STEP 2. Now go to YouTube and copy the URL of the YouTube baby songs that you want to download for your baby to listen offline. Then go to VidPaw site with Documents app's built-in browser and paste the URL to the download bar.
STEP 3. Click on the "Download" button and after minutes, VidPaw will offer the choice to ask you select an output format as week as quality. When finish, hit "Download" icon to save the YouTube baby song immediately.

On Android Device

STEP 1. Unlike iOS device, you can open any browser on your Android device and go to VidPaw directly.
STEP 2. Go to the baby song on YouTube and copy the URL of it. Then return back to VidPaw to paste the URL to the frame bar and click "Download" button to analyze the video.
STEP 3. When VidPaw shows you the output choices for saving the YouTube baby song, you just need to choose one and click on the "Download" icon to save it on your Android device.

Part 3. Download YouTube Baby Songs on PC with Ease

Actually, not only on mobile phone, VidPaw can also perform well on PC. More than the simple copy and paste traditional method to download YouTube baby songs, there are two more easier ways for PC users to get the songs from YouTube with easy clicks. With them, parents can save the baby songs for offline playback more conveniently. Check them now.

Way One - Add "paw" in URL to Download YouTube Baby Songs

STEP 1. Go to YouTube and find the baby song you want to save for playing to your babies, and play it.
STEP 2. Change the URL of the baby song music video through adding a "paw" after "youtube" in the URL, like www.youtubepaw.com. Then press Enter key to submit the change.
STEP 3. Now select an output format to save the baby song on your PC. When decide, hit "Download" to save the song locally. Then you can play it to your babies whenever you want.

Way 2. Shift to A Lower Definition

When you are watching a YouTube video with your YouTube app, apart from a good network, you need to adjust the video to a quality that the network can normally offer to play. In other words, if your network connection is normal, but you choose a high definition for watching, you may probably meet the pauses because higher quality requires longer time to load. Therefore, shift to a lower definition if there the pause happens randomly in your YouTube App.

Way 3. Clear Cache or Free the Memory

Do you know your phone will automatically and intelligently save cache for you? Actually, your smart phone will store cache, which can occupy the storage space so that you will require more time to wait for the phone and applications to refresh. Therefore, regularly clearing cache or delete some applications that you don't usually use is very necessary for dealing with YouTube App sudden pauses problem.
For Android users, please go to Settings >> Applications >> YouTube >> Storage >> Clear Cache to clear cache and free the memory. And for iPhone users, navigate to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage >> YouTube >> Offload App to clean the cache data as well. 

Way 4. Use VidPaw to Download Videos for Offline Playback

To prevent that you would meet the random pause problem in YouTube App after you fix this time, downloading the videos in advance is a right way to get rid of worry. To achieve this goal, this blog would like to recommend you a safe and free online video downloader and converter, VidPaw.
On VidPaw, you can download videos that are from YouTube and other video sharing platforms to various formats and quality, which allows you to fully enjoy the videos without worrying about the definition and choosing a compatible application to play. Besides, VidPaw has an easy-to-use user interface, so you will certainly master it within one minute. 
VidPaw has launched its app on Android phones; thus, you can use it rather conveniently. Now let's familiarize with its usage step by step!
STEP 1. Copy the URL of YouTube Videos
Please open YouTube on your browser and find out the video that you would like to enjoy and download by searching it on the search box. After you get the results about the video on YouTube, please select one result that you prefer. After you enter into the video page, please copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
STEP 2. Paste the URL of YouTube Videos
After you gain the URL, please go to VidPaw in a new tab. When you see the download bar in the middle of VidPaw page, please paste the URL to the download bar and press Download.
STEP 3. Download the YouTube Videos
At a quick speed, VidPaw will help you resolve the URL automatically and provide you multiple download options. Please choose one format and quality from the options that you want. Then please tap Download and you can save the YouTube video on your computer with ease. 

Way 5. Update YouTube App

Another workable way to fix the random pauses of YouTube App is to update the app to the newest version, which allows you to enjoy the normal operation and the new functions. 
For Android users:
STEP 1. Open Settings and choose Applications.
STEP 2. Roll down and tap YouTube from the list. After your phone shows the content about YouTube to you, please tap Uninstall to delete the application.
STEP 3. Please go to Google Play Store and search for YouTube. When you get the results, please tap to update and reinstall YouTube app.
For iPhone users: 
STEP 1. Open your iPhone's main feed and long press YouTube. Then click on X icon and choose Delete to remove YouTube on your phone.
STEP 2. Navigate to App Store and search for YouTube.
STEP 3. Tap the icon meaning Download to update and reinstall YouTube.

Way 6. Upgrade Operating System of Android/iPhone

The last useful way to solve the pauses is to upgrade your phone's operating system for the updated application won't work best unless it is in the most compatible system. So, please refer to below to upgrade your phone's operating system. 
For Android: 
STEP 1. First, please ensure that your phone is connected to a functioning network because you need to download the protocol and make sure that the Internet will stop while downloading. Then go to Settings and tap About Phone. 
STEP 2. After you open a new page, please click on Software Update and then Check Now for Update.
STEP 3. When your phone is ready, please click on Install Now to get a latest operating system.
For iPhone: 
STEP 1. Like in Android, please go to Settings. Roll down and click on General.
STEP 2. When you are in the General page, please select Software Update.
STEP 3. After your phone checks for update and prepares, please tap Install Now on the bottom to upgrade your iPhone's operating system.
Now you understand all the reasons that may cause the problem of YouTube app random pauses and all workable ways to solve the problem. If you have met this problem, please try step by step as shown in this blog to fix the issue. It is not terrible. Try and make your YouTube app work as before!
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