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Moana is a 2016 fantasic adventurous movie released by Disney. It is the 56th Disney animted movie released to the public. The movie tells the story of Moana, the daughter of a Polunesian village. In the movie, the ocean selects Moana to gather a relic to a goddess. Then the story happens. Except for the movie itself, what make many audiences focus is the soundtracks used in the movie. The songs in Moana is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Opetaia Foa'i, which the orchestral score composed by Mark Mancina. The awesome Moana soundtracks get much attention, and many people still download them to playback.

As many people and audiences are searching for ways to get the original Moana soundtracks for offline playback, here in this blog, we offer the full playlist for you to download simply. Moana movie soundtracks has two dics, and you can find both of them here for free download. Now just move on.

Part 1. Introduction of 'Moana'

The background of Moana movie set on the island in the South Parcific. Moana's grandma, who tells the kids a lengendary story, saing that the goddess of the ocean, Ta Fiti, created the mankind world, but some bad guys want to steal her heart to gain her ability to create the features on Earth. But one day, Maui, who owns a magic hook, comes to Ta Fiti island and steals Ta Fiti’s heart.
Without her heart, goddess Ta Fiti begins to collasp and release terrible darkness. Maui meets another devil, Te Kā, who want to steal Ta Fiti’s heart as well. Maui is fallen after being hit and then disappear. His giant fishhook and Ta Fiti’s heart sink into the ocean together. 
Until now, when a thousand year has passed, Te Kā and other devils are still searching for the heart. And those hidden darkness is still spreading till the islands, even the whole world is destoried. But if someone else can get the heart back and the future of mankind would be saved. 
The popularity of Moana soundtracks is still increasing today. For those who want to download Moana soundtracks, move down to the second part and you can get the whole playlist for downloading or streaming online.

Part 2. The 'Moana' Original Soundtrack Download Full List

'Moana' original soundtracks are devided into two parts and in two dics. We provide the full playlist here for you to download more conveniently. Simply click the first icon and you can download the Moana soundtrack with ease. You can also stream it online by hitting the second one.

Part 3. Download 'Moana' Soundtrack to MP3 for Free Playback

Except for downloading the Moana soundtracks to MP4 or other video formats, you can directly convert they into MP3, which is more commonly used, and has smaller size for storing. The operation process would be pretty easy for you to get. The only required tool is VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter.
VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter enables high-quality MP3 converting and downloading service to help people get the YouTube songs for offline playback. For secure and easier use, the webpage of VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter is designed simply, and all users can have a simple and fast performance speed.
There are only three simple steps you should follow to download Moana soundtrack from YouTube to MP3, so that you can stream the music later on.
STEP 1. Copy the URL of Moana YouTube Soundtrack
Search for the Moana soundtrack on YouTube. When you get the one you prefer, open the video page on YouTube platform, and copy the whole URL of the Moana soundtrack.
STEP 2. Paste the URL of Moana Soundtrack
Navigate to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter in a new page opened on your browser. Or you can go to VidPaw's homepage and go to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter under YouTube Converter section. Then paste the URL of the Moana soundtrack to the conversion bar. Choose a format and click on Convert on the right.
STEP 3. Download the Soundtrack
After the download page of the Moana soundtrack is loaded, you can find the download option is well-generated. Just click on the Download on the right to get the Moana soundtrack in MP3 for offline playback.
Not only the plots of Moana is attractive and positive, the soundtracks produced for it are amazing, too. Good soundtracks is a highlight of a fantastic movie. Therefore, it's your time to get Moana soundtracks for offline stream back freely. Enjoy Mona soundtracks while you are free!
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