How to Download High School Musical Songs to MP3, MP4 for Free

It's hard to believe that it has been over a decade since High School Musical first aired. And it proved to be a surprise cultural phenomenon in 2006. Its soundtrack jumped into the top on several music charts like US Billboard 200 and Australian Album (ARIA). Also, it set a Disney Channel record for viewership at that time with 7.7 million viewers. Basically, it is a wonderful pick for family movie night.
And for those who are longing for the complete High School Musical soundtracks, this article can help you in free downloading all the songs from High School Musical 1-3.

Part 1. Free Stream and Download High School Musical Songs

Due to High School Musical's great success, High School Musical is often credited with helping to pave the way for TV musicals, a flourishing TV genre in the recent years. High School Musical is also a great teenage movie that promote good values for teens. The audience can see messages like being true to yourself and supporting your friends are conveyed in this movie.
And we all know that the wonderful music is the essence of High School Musical. Songs such as "Start of Something New", "Breaking Free" and "Get'cha Head in the Game" are so popular that young people can sing and dance along to even after these years.

Part 2. Free Stream and Download High School Musical 2 Songs

High School Musical 2 is the second film in the High School Musical film franchise. The movie follows Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and their fellows in the East High Wildcats as they go on summer vacation. It was one of the most commercially successful Disney Channel Original Movie ever produced. You may familiar with its song "What Time Is It", the lead single of the soundtrack, which reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.
This a complete list of High School Musical 2 soundtrack songs to free stream and download.

Part 3. Free Stream and Download High School Musical 3 Songs

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the third installment in the High School Musical trilogy. This movie focuses on the character's final year of high school and they have to face the upset prospect of being apart because they are about to go off to college.
The movie's soundtrack was also successful. It also includes a touching graduation mix version of the classic song from High School Musical 1 – "We're All in This Together". 

Part 4. How to Free Download High School Musical Soundtrack Songs to MP3, MP4

If you find another great song from the High School Musical trilogy, which is not included in this article, then you can use VidPaw YouTube Converter to download the music. Or in case you don't know how to download the above High School Musical soundtrack, the following is a simple tutorial to help you download to MP3 or MP4. The biggest advantage is that whole download process will not cost you a penny!
STEP 1. Find your desired High School Musical song on YouTube, and copy the YouTube video URL.
STEP 2. Navigate to VidPaw YouTube Converter, and paste the video URL to the download box.

STEP 3. After VidPaw detects and finishes analyzing the URL, you can choose your preferred output format (MP4/MP3) and quality in the page, then hit "Download".

STEP 4. Then the High School Musical song is downloading. Just open the downloads folder to find the exact file.
In the End
Although the High School Musical 4 has kept us waiting for so long, good news is that there will be a 10-episode High School Musical TV series which will be airing later in 2019 on Disney's own streaming service. There also will be new characters, and more importantly, new songs which lets us look forward to. And before we can enjoy the brand-new High School Musical TV series, take a trip down memory lane and listen to the amazing songs from the previous High School Musical soundtrack.
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