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When it comes to the most popular Korean boy band, EXO must be on the list.

Debuted in 2012 with a single "MAMA", their breakthrough hit "Growl" (2013) brought great commercial success and public reputation with over one million copies sold out. Moreover, all the following albums are sold out more than one million copies as well.

There is no doubt that EXO is one of the biggest boy band in the world.

To help you better enjoy their music, here are the playlists for you to download EXO songs.

Let's get all EXO songs easily!

Part 1. 10 Best Songs by EXO to Get You Started on K-POP

I think no K-POP lover knows nothing about EXO. Among all their awesome masterpieces, it's hard to pick the best songs by EXO. Till now, EXO has released 6 studio albums including 1 Japanese studio album - XOXOEXODUSEx'ActThe WarDon't Mess Up My TempoCountdown. Next, I'll show a list of about 10 best EXO songs based on the views of YouTube.

Part 2. Free Download EXO the Latest Albums

After one year and four months, EXO finally released their fifth studio album Don't Mess My Tempo, which was highly looked forward by millions of EXO fans around the world! 

It's saying that the more hard-won something, the more it is doubly treasured. The pre-sale of Don't Mess Up My Tempo easily exceeded 1.1 million. Sounds incredible, right? But it just happened. What's more, This album was ranked 23 on the Billboard 200, making the highest charting album by EXO.

Moreover, on December 13, 2018, their repackage album Love Shot was released. With no doubt, Love Shot has received great popularity around the world. The single "Love Shot" made EXO earn the No. 1 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart less than 24 hours.

A few words cannot count all the achievements of EXO. If you want to know more about the K-POP world, you definitely cannot miss EXO. Get the EXO's latest albums below.

Download All EXO Songs by Using VidPaw Online Video & Audio Downloader

This is not the end of downloading EXO songs. If you want to download all EXO songs, I highly recommend you to use VidPaw Online Video & Audio Downloader, which has the ability to download all EXO songs from over 1,000 sites on all devices - PC, Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad.
Simple Tutorial:
STEP 1. Copy the link of a music video by EXO from YouTube.
STEP 2. Go to > Paste the video link to the blank bar. Then you'll move to the download page at once.
STEP 3. Choose a suitable output format (MP4 for video/ MP3 for audio) and high quality.
STEP 4. Simply hit "Download".
Quick Tick (Only for YouTube):
STEP 1. Access the target EXO music video on YouTube site.
STEP 2. Add "paw" after "youtube" on the address bar. If you are mobile users, remember to change "m" to "www" as well. Then, you'll directly navigate to the download page of the video.
STEP 3. Pick up an output format and quality for your downloading file.
STEP 4. Click the "Download" button.
Do you have any better method to download EXO songs? Using VidPaw Online Video & Audio Downloader is my best solution to get all songs and videos by EXO. 
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