Free Download Aerobics Videos and Music for Doing Exercises Offline

Nowadays, people pay much attention to their physical health. During the spare time, more people are willing to do some exercises to help them relaxed from a week's hard work or study, building a strong body. There are many kinds of exercises people can choose, and Aerobics gets much people's likes for its convenience and interesting pattern. It combines both stretching and strength exercises, which is suitable for people at all ages to follow.
In order to help you do Aerobics exercise in a much simpler way, in this blog, you would discover the way to download the Aerobics videos and music so that you can get rid of the network connection and do exercises freely offline. Now let’s get started.

Part 1. How to Download Aerobic Videos to MP4 for Offline Playback

A professional online video downloader is the only thing you need to get the Aerobics videos saved to your local folder on PC. Here I would like to recommend you using VidPaw.
VidPaw is an online video downloader that is chosen by many users. It supports to download online videos from 1,000+ sites to different formats, including MP4. Therefore, with VidPaw, you can download Aerobics videos in MP4 locally and play it back when you are ready to do the exercise.
Here are the detailed steps of three different ways that you can follow to download Aerobic videos to MP4 with VidPaw.

First way: Copy and Paste URL

STEP 1. Copy the URL of Aerobics Videos
Because YouTube has stored many Aerobics videos for people to access to freely, you can just direct to the platform and search for the one you need. Then copy the URL of the Aerobics video.
STEP 2. Paste the URL to VidPaw 
When you get the URL, go to VidPaw and paste it to the download bar directly. The moment you paste it, VidPaw will analyze the link automatically.
STEP 3. Select Output Format
When VidPaw finishes analyzing the URL, you can select MP4 or other formats you like for the Aerobics video. Then hit the Download button to save it locally.

Second Way: VidPaw Extension

STEP 1. Add Tampermonkey
Ahead of all, Tampermonkey is essential for you to get VidPaw Extension installed. Choose the one below according to your browser to add Tampermonkey first.
Google Chrome Tampermonkey
Mozilla Firefox Tampermonkey
Safari Tampermonkey
Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey
STEP 2. Add VidPaw Extension
Now install 'VidPaw Extension' to the browser as well. You can simply follow the instruction and add its script to Tampermonkey easily.
STEP 3. Download Aerobics Videos Directly
When the VidPaw Extension is well-installed to your extension bar, you can go to YouTube and get the Aerobics videos you want to download in MP4. When you find the video, you would also discover that a download button is set below the Aerobics video. Click on it and the page would turn to VidPaw's video download page. Just select MP4 and an output format for the video, then press Download to get the Aerobics video offline.

NOTE: VidPaw Extension can be used on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge temporarily.

Third Way: Alter YouTube Video URL

STEP 1. Find the YouTube Aerobics video and open its page directly.
STEP 2. Alter the URL of the video by adding 'paw' behind 'youtube'. For example, change into
STEP 3. Press Enter on keyboard and go to the page to select output format for the video. Finally, click Download to save the Aerobics video.
When all the steps mentioned above are done, you can watch the Aerobics video later on and follow it to do exercises indoor. They are all pretty easy to get, right?

Part 2. Free Download YouTube Aerobics Music in MP3 for Streaming Offline

If you just want to follow the Aerobics music and have no need to download a whole video, you can try to use VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter to save the audio in MP3 format. By saving the Aerobics music in MP3, you can save more storage on your devices because video is always stored in a larger size. With the helpful VidPaw to MP3 Converter, you can save the music quickly and with high quality. Also, the steps are pretty easy to follow as well. Here are them.
STEP 1. Get YouTube Aerobics Video URL
Search for the Aerobics video on YouTube platform and copy its video URL directly.
STEP 2. Paste the URL to Converter
Switch to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter now, and you can simply paste the Aerobics video you get to the bar. Then select a quality and click on Convert.
STEP 3. Download YouTube Aerobics Video in MP3
When the converter finished reading the URL, you can hit the Download button to save the YouTube Aerobics video in MP3.
Here are all the steps to download Aerobics video and music for offline playback. Just choose the one that you consider as the simplest and most convenient. With the downloaded Aerobics video/music, you can do the exercises at everywhere you want even without connecting to a network connection. VidPaw brings great convenience to us.
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